Oftentimes, emotionally abusive partners will humiliate or demean their significant other (S.O.) in front of other people. This is a way to assert control and dominate the other and make them feel unable to control their situation. This is different from everyday teasing, and can cause severe, lasting emotional damage.


Emotionally abusive partners tend to regularly disregard or insult their S.O.'s opinions, suggestions, ideas, and even needs. This is a serious issue, and if you've experienced this in your relationship, it may be time to contact a professional domestic violence lawyer who can help you to seek relief from this treatment.

Need for Control

One of the main things to look for in an emotionally abusive partner is their need to maintain control at all times, regardless of the cost or the situation. This could mean that they chastise their partners for behaviors, control the flow of money in the relationship, and even dictate how their significant other should dress.

Emotional abuse is a real issue, and should never be overlooked simply because it doesn't leave physical evidence. Contacting San Antonio domestic violence lawyers is a great place to start freeing yourself of this type of relationship.